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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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to get passed this. we are going to move forward. >> two young women who survived the orlando nightclub shooting are back home in philadelphia. tonight they open up to "eyewitness news" about their horrifying ordeal. what they say is key for the healing process to begin. also, a teenager arres arret a donald trump rally says he wanted to kill the presidential candidate. what the suspect tried to do to police before being caught. but first, have you seen any of these people? police say they were caught on camera brutally attacking a man right around the corner from a philadelphia landmark. the video of the actual attack is so violent police are not releasing it. good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> hi, everyone i'm jessica dean. that assault happened near geno's steaks in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden spoke tonight to the victim of this brutal attack. joe? >> reporter: jessica, ukee, good evening. the victim in this attack he wants one thing he wants each and everyone every those men in
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that video placed under arrest. this attack both violent too violent police would not show us the video and it happened police say it was unprovoked attack. police say it was a five on one fight outside joan notice and patrick cane never stood a chance. >> i got punched in the nose, then i got punched in the back of the head. then when i was kind of like bent over a couple upper cuts in my face. >> reporter: philadelphia police are hoping you can help then identify the five men on your screen. early saturday june 11th cane from jenkintown said he, his wife and some friends stopped for a steak after a wedding. >> my wife's girlfriend asked the guys at the table, does anybody have cigarette i can bum. off they went. the guy just lost his mine. got real angry yelling at us. >> reporter: cane says the violence quickly escalated one of the men he says claimed he was member of isis, and then came the physical contact. >> he just got angry. got her face and shoved her and my wife said don't put your hands on the girl and they hit her. so the guy i was with, he and i
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just, all right, that's it. >> patrick cane was outnumbered and soon was trying fight off gang. he showed his black eye and the breezes and cuts to his face. he turned down medical treatment writinwriting it off as a bad f. >> ridiculous this is what happens in the city any more. everything just escalates right to violence and anger and people blow up for no reason. like there's no reason for it. just stupid. >> reporter: now at this point it is unclear if there's any credibility to the statement gathered out here at the city he seen one of these men had some sort of connection to isis. as for patrick cane, we are told he never lost consciousness. did he not suffer from a concussion. and once again, he did not go to the hospital. chalking this up as. if you recognize any of the men from that screen video you're asked to call philadelphia police. live tonight in south philadelphia, joe holden, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. new details in the orlando nightclub massacre including one what the shooter said to police
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during his rampage. we're also hearing from two local women who survived the attacks that left 49 people and the gunman dead and wounded more than 50 others. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now with all of that and more. nicole. >> ukee and jess as you both know this was the worst mass shooting in us history and claimed the life of one of our own. 18-year-old kyra murray a west catholic graduate died in that attack her friends patience carter and cousin tiara parker made it out a life but are recovering from gunshot wounds. they spoke to trang dough about the journey that will require more than physical healing. >> tiara parker is back on her feet at home week after her life changed forever. >> shot here. it cam out of my back. back here. >> physically she's healing. emotionally it will take time. >> this is real. like this is real pain. real emotion. i was really hurt. my cousin was really killed. like and i had to witness that
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on my own eyes. i had to witness people die in front of me. >> reporter: cousin a akyra murray was killed inside pulse nightclub in orlando on jun june 12th. tiara, a cory ya and patience carter bleeding from gunshot wounds huddled in a bathroom stall for hours. i keep hearing i was one of the only few people that made it out of there alive and looking at that man in his face. >> i was shot through my left leg here. with a shattered femur it will likely be four to six months before patience will walk again. >> thought that i'm really so unable to move around on my own is a constant reminder like i really went through this. these are really holes in my legs and i really have to sit here and wait until i heal. >> we'll all get through it. all of us. so it's just tough time. >> tiara' mother celeste williams taking on the huge task of nursing both girls back to
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health. >> i stay strong while in front of them. i don't want them to see me upset or, you know, stuff like that. i just remain calm and just get them together. mack sure they're okay. >> reporter: as they recover together both girls are now determined to live life to the fullest. >> we almost didn't get a second chance at life. just do whatever it is that your heart desires. speak to whoever you want to speak to. say that they have a nice smile because you never know if you'll get that chance again the next day. >> my mom used to tell meet sky is the limit and that's where i'm going to go straight to the sky. there is no limit technically i'll keep going. >> in cobbs creek, trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> such strong women and while on that road to recovery patience and tiara will have to say farewell to a friend and a family member funeral arrangements set for akyra marry viewing mel at monumental baptist church on friday between eight and 10am with funeral scheduled for 10:00 a.m.
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well tonight we're also learning what the gunman said in his 911 call to police. during that shooting. in transcripts released by the fbi omar mateen spoke arabic identifying himself as islamic soldier he told a negotiator to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq. saying that is why he was out here right now. mateen also made threats that there were car bombs parked outside pulse nightclub telling police you people are going to get it and i'm going to ignite it if they try to do anything stupid. the fbi's first report this morning redacted some information but after heavy criticism a complete transcript of three calls was released think afternoon. >> while we're not releasing the audio, what i can tell you is that while the killer made this murderous statements he did so in a chilling, calm and deliberate manner. >> the fbi says it is not providing the 911 calls from victims out of respect for them and for their families. we do know that attorney general loretta lynch plans to meet with
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investigators as well as survivors in orlando tomorrow. >> all right. nicole, thanks. >> thanks nicole. senate has voted down amendments. republican defeated plans to ban firearms bought online and gun shows in a proposal that would have stopped people on the no fly list and terror watch list from buying guns. democratic stopped republican proposals. a plan that would allow the mentally ill to challenge their diagnosis in order to buy guns. still ahead our david spunt talks to local gunshot opener about the debate on capitol hill. the one thing he says needs to happen to cut back on gun violence. that's coming up in about sick minutes. a teenager has been arrested for allegedly trying to assassinate donald trump and one of his own rallies. it happened saturday in las vegas. authorities say 19-year-old michael steven sanford tried to
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grab an officer's gun to shoot the presumptive republican presidential nominee. he was unsuccessful. police arrested him immediatel . investigators cezanne forward who's a british citizen had been planning this attack for about year. meanwhile, trump has fired campaign manager corey lewandowski. this move comes as trump's polling numbers in the general election have gone down as his unfavorablunfavorables have risr this year lewandowski was charged with battery involving a reporter in florida. he was never prosecuted. presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton held no public events today over the weekend daughter chelsea gave birth to her second child a boy named aid dan and this afternoon the clinton family was seen leaving a new york hospital. a new poll shows clinton leading nationally over trump by seven points among registered voters up eight points among likely voters. she also hold as 47 to 39 lead
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in swing states. philadelphia mayor jim kenney signed the city's new sugary drink tax into law today. it goes into effect in january new legislation levees 1.5 cents per ounce tax on sweeten beverage like regular and diet sodas sports drink and bolted coffees it's projected that raise $90 million that will go towards pre k, improving parks and re rec centers and various other budget grams. opponents say it's unconstitutional and vow to fight it in court. the mayor says the city is prepared to take on possible legal fights. >> philadelphia police made arrest in the murder of a woman who's body was found in fairmount park. 39-year-old shavonne armstrong turned herself in today. police say she helped orchestrate the death of 26-year-old bryant over an $800 debt. investigators don't believe armstrong killed bryant herself. they're now questioning a second person.
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bryant was strangled, stabbed and shot and then left in that park. her body was found last tuesday. we are learning more about the couple facing charges in connection to the rescue of 12 girls from a buck county home. court records reveal daniel and savilla stoltzfus the parts of the eldest alleged victim operated a metal business in 2003. they allegedly admitted to police they gifted their daughter to leonardo dicaprio plan for helping them out with money problems. those financial issues may have stemmed from lawsuit the couple filed against an amish no non-profit in which they claimed the organization canceled their homeowners' insurance and that forced hem to default on a mortgage. well tonight new details surrounding the death of a rising star in hollywood he was killed after his own car hit and pinned him. what police think may have happened right before the accident and why the vehicle is at the center of the investigation. plus, a rash of tire slashings but this didn't happen on neighborhood street. we'll tell you where it occurred
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and why police think they have a good chance of catching the culprit. lauren. >> it was hot and toasty start to summer with high temperatures climbing into the 90s for the second day in a row in philadelphia and tomorrow we're going to go for number three. we'll talk about that plus a chance of storms and i'll tomorrow those ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. grand canyon and glacierger than national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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as we told you earlier in the broadcast lawmakers in washington rejected new gun control measures tonight. and one gun store owner in our area was keeping very close eye on that vote. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has that part of the sto story. >> reporter: another night inside the delaware valley sports center but this night was a little different. as talk of the u.s. capitol in washington, d.c. dominated the conversation. >> owner anthony phil pello is a second amendment advocate but preaches personal safety and responsibility. he followed monday night's senate votes from his store. >> the mowing is not agreed to. >> reporter: four proposals to change the current us gun laws and all four quickly failed. the proposals put fourth by both parties would have expanded background checks, researched the causes of mass shootings and banned gun sales to suspected terrorists. in the end, both sides couldn't come to a middle ground. >> what am i going to tell the
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community of orlando that is trying to come together in the healing? >> the other side says they support second amendment rights. we have every reason not to believe them. >> reporter: votes come a week after 49 people were shot and kill by a gunma gun inside an oo nightclub. us senate took up gun control in december after the san bernardino shooting were you the measures failed to pass. anthony phil pello is hardly surprised. he says lawmakers republican and democrat seem to want to have the conversation immediately after a tragedy. >> there's almost an exploitation of the situation. why discuss it at that point? why shouldn't or couldn't it be on-going discussion in a residential manner as opposed to oh, hurry up we got to get something done. >> he personally supports background checks. he just thinks gridlock in washington is a small example of what you'll find on main street usa. one place where you'll find him
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differ from most gun rights advocates -- >> i don't think we should have guns on the internet. sorry. i'm a gun dealer. i don't think we should be selling guns off the internet. end of story. you what and the to stop some of the loop holes and the nonsense, kill the inter set net sales. >> internet gun sales are tougher to regulate become more popular in recent years. president became has highlighted the so-called loophole numerous times. david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". hollywood tragedy he can pieces possible danger with some suv's. star trek actor anton yell kin died sunday aft he was hit by his own jeep cherokee. he may not have put it into park properly. that model of jeep is currently part of a recall. there have been hundreds of complaints about the vehicles not properly going into park and some some cases rolling away. it's too early to know if an issue with the jeep's computerized shifter played into the accident. chrysler says it's in contact
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with authorities and is conducting an investigation. police in warminster bucks county looking for vandal who slashed dozens of tires over the weekend. the suspect targeted several businesses including lafferty chevrolet. surveillance cameras caught this man sneaking into the lafferty lot early saturday morning and today technicians there spent hours replacing brand new tires. police are still gathering reports from victims tonight. replacing all of the damaged tires will cost well over $20,000. a sad update to report to you tonight the horse found covered in what appeared paintball shoots shots has died. lilly was about 35 years old and in poor health when she was found seemingly abandoned and abused in march. after being nursed back to health at the new bolten center in chester county lilly was topped by former comedian and talk show host john stuart and his wife. his wife tracy posted on facebook the horse died at their new jersey farm on sunday. after falling and breaking a bone in its neck. there is no mistaking the
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first day of summer in the southwest. parts of southern california, arizona and nevada are in the grips of a severe heat wave. at least five heat related deaths have been reported in just arizona since friday. dry brush and he can treatment temperatures are fueling a more than 1500-acre wildfire near the mexico border in san diego county. we're not talking about severe temperatures here but almost 80 degrees at night. >> yeah. a little warm. >> heat streak good call. two days in the 90s and we'll go for number three tomorrow but before we get some relieve we'll have to get through storm before we get to some lower humidity values and slightly cooler temperatures but tomorrow is going to be another hot one and a humidity is going to be increased as well so it's going to be kind of a steamy tuesday in store but, yeah, as ukee mentioned temperatures are still extremely mild at this hour and we still have a bit of a heat index. 79 degrees the current temperature in philadelphia. as we get live look at center city. right now on skycam3. but feeling more like 80 degrees
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at least we have little bit of a breeze out of the southwest at around 10 miles per hour to help cool us off but temperatures are still elevated all across the area at this hour. still at 80 in trenton. low 70s in the poconos and still mid 70s down the shore today. it was a hot one. minus the sea breeze we hand breeze going for much the day today. finally seeing kind of a little bit of a southerly component to the wind flow helping to cool things off a bit temperatures still very warm. 75 degrees in cape may and checking in on our live neighborhood network. temperatures warm there as well. 78 degrees in camden and close to that 80-degree mark in delr delran. store scan three showing quiet conditions. full moon tonight. we have a cold front that is making it approach and now thunderstorms starting to develop across parts of upstate new york just east of the great lakes that cold front will continue to move east and storm threat as we head late into tonight. seeing i'm lated to scattered thunderstorm late.
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muggy conditions and very mild falling back to 71 degrees. then tomorrow, back up into the 90s. 90 for high temperature. humid conditions with some hit or miss thunderstorms redeveloping as we head into the afternoon hours. especially across the southern last of the delaware valley. so what to expect more specifically in the morning we will see some scattered storms for the early portion of the morning. them we'll likely go through somewhat of a dry period with sunshine. hit or miss thunderstorms redeveloping in the afternoon and storms persisting into the evening. mainly across southern portions as i mentioned in the delaware valley and a few of these especially as we head into late day could be on the stronger side. we are in a marginal risk of severe weather for tomorrow across a good portion of the area. we are not going to see widespread severe weather but of the storm that is do develop a few could be on the strong even isolated severe side so future weather will show us that as we head nearly morning hours tomorrow. kind of scattered storms rolling through. might be a woken late tonight by rumbles of thunder. 7:00 o'clock in the morning, most of the storm activity
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concentrated down the shore. then that cold front is going to stall out. we'll get heating of the day little upper level disturbance to move through that fire off a few more storms as we head into the afternoon and again into the evening hours but you see most of this activity is concentrated south of the city so heads up especially down the shore and at the delaware beaches late day tomorrow for the potential avenue couple of stronger storms. best days down the shore is going to be on wednesday with some sunshine. lower humidity. 81 degrees. watching out for the storms tomorrow and then more storms once again on thursday. and we do have storms in the forecast in the city for and surrounding counties on thursday. then some nicer weather arrives as we head into friday. humidity levels drop off again after bumping back up a bit as we head into thursday in association with those storms. pretty quiet end to the week friday looks good. saturday looks good at this point. sunshine, mid 80s. not too bad for the first week of summer. >> um-hmm. >> it is here. >> yes. >> it is here. thanks lauren. >> don bell is up next with sports. yeah, national champion looking for a shot in the nba.
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former nova study ryan arch arch suits up for the sixers and the okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ]
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welcome back. phillies off to minnesota to start nine game road trip hopefully they'll find a way to regroup like play station or old school nintendo they want to hit the reset button. they lost 24 out of 30. latest loss coming in matinee matchup again the arizona diamond back. south philly we go cast members from sister act from walnut street theater that's right, taking a selfie what else you going to do midday at the ballpark. jake lamb happy were what he's seeing right here two run shot to right feel. jeremy for ott bump for the fightings gave up three runs in seven innings. phils on the board.
11:26 pm
deep centerfield and back to the wall it goes. one run is in in the phils trail three-one. shelby miller gave up one run in six plus innings of work and punched out five. the phils only have six hits. they lose three-one. for the first time since 1964, the phillies swept in a home stand of six games or more. >> it's disappointing to lose home or rode, you know, zero-sick home stand never fun, but got to move on. >> we're not playing well. everyone knows that. sort of tough thing to deal with, i think, considering how hot we started the year. um, you know, we just got to keep going. there's only -- you know, nothing you can do now about the previous games. just got keep going and done it around. >> meanwhile the phillies signed number one overall pick in last week's draft baseball america is reporting nicky moan yack received a sick million dollars signing bonus 18-year-old outfielder will be introducing
11:27 pm
at a press conference tomorrow at the bank. on the hoops, ryan arcidiacono may be the biggest assist of his life back in april pass to kris jenkins who played the championship winning shot forville notify valve now arf is hoping a visit with the 76ers will assist in his pro career. 22-year-old langhorne native played at a pre nba draft workout for the sixers today. archie was a four year captain for the wildcats and was the inform caa tournament most outstanding player during nova's title run and he was asked how he can help an nba team. >> i think i can bring a lot of shooting and get people the ball where they want on the floor on the offense and i can help just be a coach on the floor and make guys connected on the defensive end. >> good luck to archie. >> no kidding. it would be great to see. >> good player up next the headline act for this year's made in
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♪ there's pretty big news about one of the biggest concert events of the year here in philadelphia. >> yes. the line up for the made in america festival was release dad and the header liners got people pretty excited. rihanna and cold play will headline the events scheduled for labor day weekend that's september 3rd and 4th. both acts will have played once
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already in the city this year. the full schedule will be announced closer to the event. we'll be right back. ♪
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don't miss out on the laughs coming up next the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james corden. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at >> thanks so much for watching. have a good night, family, and sleep well. ♪
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>> stephen: hey i'm so happy >> stephen: hey i'm so happy you're here, alexander skarsgard. >> skarsgard. >> stephen: skarsgard. >> skarsgard. >> stephen: do you become a long line of skarsgard? >> it came from lars skarsgard. he smokes cigars, and played guitars, his mother marge, met lars in the yard, his yard was bottom barted, got hit by shards of rebar. >> stephen: did he have a star? >> he had a scar, theyad


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